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“Amazing vocals that leave you wanting nothing less, than more.” - Chrome Music





Berlin Sound. New York Swag. Texas Charm.

I almost didn't sing. Growing up in Texas, it was a random audition for the school play that made/forced me to give up the violin and join choir. And it wasn't until years later, after already being on Broadway in New York City, that an unshakeable need to make music arose. Cut to three years of writing songs, complete immersion in dance music, and busking on the streets of Oslo, Milan, Gothenburg, and Berlin, where I'm now based.

A lifetime of observing musicians (I've been inspired by Radiohead, Beyonce. Stephen Sondheim and everyone in between) and a love of underground music has resulted in a sound that is both danceable and full of emotion. My deep house rework of Adele’s “Hello” went viral (it's true!) in 2016, receiving international radio play, and an official release on Capitol France. The same year, I was also the curator, performer, and dj for the Corona Sunsets Sessions in Sweden. My 2014 debut EP was crowd funded and reached #3 on the iTunes dance charts in Sweden, and recent releases have been supported by Sam Feldt, DeHofnar, the Him, and Ariana Grande. In addition to working on my current project, ://NMDS LND, I also contribute to the Huffington Post Online about the global music scene.

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