"This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self pity, no need for silence, and no room for fear. We do language. That is how civilizations heal." - Toni Morrison

Welcome my friend to ://NMDS LND (Nomads Land). It is with great excitement that I extend this invitation to you. Together we will breathe life into a very special project, a story that is at once familiar, yet undeniably unique. A reflection of not only my personal journey the last few years, but also the current global condition. Music is the greatest connector we have. Won't you help share this experience with the world?

LISTEN: The Road (Back To Love), the first single from ://NMDS LND, to be released in March 2017: 

The Road (Back To Love) is about that feeling of being knocked off your feet, when you least expect it. Evoking the energy of an epic night out in New York City, the song is influenced by 80's/90's house music.


CAMPAIGN GOAL:  $18,000 (USD) 

Amount funded as of 16 February: $230 USD -12 Days to go

- Final Production (mixing and mastering) for the next four songs (Out of Stride, Kiss You Sober, Long Live The Night, Feel The Same), as well as the mastering costs for The Road (Back To Love).


- Spotify Playlist promotion for 1 song The Road (Back To Love) for 5 weeks via DigMark. Promotion is a vital part of how people discover new music and is the new version of radio plugging.


- Visual and Video content (including music video) for the next single, The Road (Back To Love).


- PR, Press, and Marketing for The Road (Back To Love) and ://NMDS LND.


For a detailed budget, please email

NOTE: All donations include exclusive access to new music, merchandise, everlasting love, and 2 concert tickets to a show in 2017. A 60 minute live performance is included for all donations over $3,000 (transportation/accommodation not included).

"Hello" Music Video (Paris, 2016)


I began releasing music in 2014 and have now reached a pivotal point in my journey as an artist. You can read my full bio and the story of how I almost didn't sing, by clicking HERE.

Music Highlights:

Radio play on the biggest radio stations in Germany & France including, Radio Galaxy, NRJ France, and Kiss Fm.

Spotify - 3 million+ streams and counting.

My rework of Adele's "Hello" was named the official remix and released via Capitol/Universal Music France, reaching #11 on the Spotify viral charts in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Facebook - 13k fans and counting.

Curator for the 2016 Corona Sunsets Sessions in Sweden.

"Playground" from my 2014 debut EP chosen as the official song of the 2016 Victoria Racing Cup in Melbourne Australia.

In today's digital era of rapid consumption, creating innovative content and reaching a bigger audience requires large amounts of funding. I wish I could cover the costs alone, but it is your support that will make this possible.

If you have any questions, comments, or are looking for more information write me here

Thank you in advance and welcome to the tribe.